A Bit of History and Information
I live in Royal Oak, MD. My fixed station and my mobile are CW-only on all HF bands while operating all modes and allocations from 50 MHz to 10 GHz from my fixed station on the DELMARVA peninsula in Talbot County, Maryland, near the town of St Michaels. My interests are experimenting, building, and operating my own equipment and antennas (having owned C3i), especially microwave and millimeter wave narrow band stuff as well as supporting, maintaining, and operating our microwave station at K8GP, my VHF Contest Group. I am a Life Member of the ARRL and the Central States VHF Society.  Member also: Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC), DELMARVA VHF and Microwave Society (DVMS/K8GP).  FISTS 14715, CWOPS 303, SKCC 6407.

See the beacons tab at the top bar for information about my microwave beacons.

My ham shack is in one of my fields (shown at "Contact Me" tab). HF equipment consists of an Orion II driving an Emtron HF amplifier using a GU78B tetrode. The HF tower and one of the beams are gone now but they were a Force 12 Delta 6BA (40M-10M, shown in the "Slideshow" tab) on a telescoping tower; and, a full-size, 3 element, 30M beam above the Force 12.  I do have a 270ft, windom of my own design for 160M; a 160M, 167ft Inverted "L" with its apex at 80ft; and, an OCF Dipole for 80 thru 30M.  Complimenting the wire antennas is a 1/4 wavelength Vertical for 160M. On HF, 30M is my main interest. I am installing a new HF tower (began June 2014) that will accommodate my original 30M yagi and a new TH-7 (Tri-band) and my new, very large EME array for 432 and 1296 MHz.  The new tower is ROHN 55G and will rotate from the base using K0XG equipment.

My day-to-day interest is VHF and up.  Mostly on 6 Meters and VHF/UHF WSJT. My second Orion II drives a DEMi 6M XVTR, driving an 8877. Output is to 4, hmbrw, C7-50's (K1JX design). My tower dedicated to VHF+ is Rohn 55G using a K0XG rotating tower system.  Feedlines are LDF7 to LMR600UF around the rotating joint then Andrew LDF6 up to the combination relay and pre-amp box with LMR400UF from the box to coaxial power dividers and the antennas. 6M uses an 8877 out to 4 Dow Key (HP) relays handle phasing (BIP/BOP) and antenna selection on the 6M stack. I use my same Orion II with Demi XVTRs and KW amplifiers on 2M and 1.25M using 8877's, 70cm uses an 8938. I run Demi XVTRs on 33cm and 23cm, amplifiers are solid state: 500w on 33cm, 1.2 kw on 23cm. All my XVRTs have their LOs frequency locked using DEMi A-32 pre-programmed synthesizers with 10 MHz input from a Spectrum Instruments, Inc. TM-4, GPS-disciplined OXCO.  I enjoy MS and EME on 6M through 23cm using WSJT software.

Other VHF and up antennas are hmbrw: pr FO12's, pr FO16's, pr FO25's (H-frame),  a pr of 33cm long loopers, a pr of 23cm long loopers, pr of 13cm long loopers, and a pr of 9cm long loopers (all on the same H-frame), a 2ft dish w/dual band feed for 5.7 and 10G is on the forward face of my microwave H-frame.  I use DEMi and DB6NT xvtr's driving solid state amplifiers on 33cm thru 3cm (500w on 903, 1.2kw on 23cm, 250w on 13cm, 100w on 9cm and 25w on 6 and 3 cm.  These xvtr's are also frequency locked using a Spectrum Instruments, Inc. TM-4, GPS-disciplined, 10 MHz standard to a DEMi "10-4", 10 MHz, amplified and filtered 4-way divider (Downeast Microwave, Inc) then to JWM Engineering Phase Locked Oscillators (JWM Engineering).  13cm thru 3cm amplifiers are DB6NT (DB6NT, Kuhne Electronic). All microwave equipment is mounted in a watertight box at the top of the VHF tower within 2-3 feet of respective antennas.  My VHF tower is a rotating, Rohn 55G. Thanks for looking, 73,  Owen, K3CB

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SolarHam (extensive Sun data)

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